Handicrafts from coconut shell is rather difficult to make. But if you know how and tips to make handicrafts from coconut shell, the difficulty too long will be ease. Coconut shells usually regarded as waste because it has no benefits for the needs of everyday life. Probably from all parts of the coconut tree just shell underutilized. Coconut tree trunks can be used as building materials, leaves are usually used to make crafts or can be made diamond. Coconut fruit itself has many uses.

But this time in the hands of creative people coconut shells were initially considered as objects of garbage littering the environment converted into craft products that have high sales value. Perhaps one example of the creative person is the father of Nur Roufiq of Yogyakarta. From coconut shell, he can make a variety of wedding favors, keychains. Craft which has been made even able to penetrate foreign and turnover of handicraft business is also up to billions of rupiah.

The process of Coconut Shell Handicraft

Craft of Coconut Shell material Unique and Creative


After knowing that we can use coconut shells into a handicraft which has a high sales value then the next step is to learn to make handicrafts from coconut shells into a variety of products that the public interest. Craft objects are usually made of coconut shell are as follows:
Home furnishings, such as a spoon, vegetable, drinking, bucket of water, ashtrays, plates and others. Besides coconut shells can also be made of various accessories such as necklaces, figura, miniature vehicles, engraving and others.
To make handicrafts from coconut shells we need the following tools and materials:
1. Choose a coconut shell that has really old and dry, the discrete parts cut Agag has a blackish color.
2. Prepare the tools needed to process coconut shells such as saws, knives, broken glass, wood glue, sandpaper, dried banana leaves, paint and varnish other.
3. Preparation of coconut shells to be processed into handicrafts. Perform the following steps:

Clean the coarse fibers in the surface of coconut shells using broken glass or blades. Do this step with caution.

The next step is to clean the rest of the fine fibers on the surface of the skull using coarse sandpaper,
then use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface of the shell evenly.
So that the surface can be shiny shell you can rub the surface of the shell using dried leaves are
repeatedly until it looks shiny. Another way that can be used in order to look shiny shell is to paint using paint varnish.
The last step is to cut the shell in accordance with the pattern of the craft to be made, to cut it using a hacksaw.
Examples of Coconut Shell Handicraft

Coconut shell is made into handicrafts such as drinking, calligraphy and others. With a subtle touch of art, coconut shells will look more beautiful, more artistic and very interesting. Below are some of the few examples of handicrafts from coconut shells is simple but has a high value.

Coconut Shell Craft Animal Shape

Coconut Shell Craft Animal Shape




Coconut shell that has passed through the final process can be transformed into a unique crafts and funny. By forming the shell into a cartoon character or an animal, the craft will be in demand not only among adults but also among teenagers and children. Sometimes there are also some people who use coconut shells to the ice cream place. they use an ice cream machine with the best quality.

Coconut Shell Handicraft Form Accessories

Coconut Shell Handicraft Form Accessories

In the hands of creative people who coconut shells are often thought of as garbage can be converted into a variety of beautiful accessories. Various cute key chain and pin of the shape of animals can make you look more okay.

Assorted Decorative Lighting from Coconut Shell

Assorted Decorative Lighting from Coconut Shell

Assorted Decorative Lighting from Coconut Shell2

If you have a plan to create the look of your room to be more artistic, decorative lights maybe this could be one of the ornaments that you have to have.

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Craft of Coconut Shell material Unique and Creative
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