Woven from paper is a typical handicraft from Indonesia. Weaving is one of the techniques used in traditional craft artwork archipelago. Manual weaving technique is a technique that still use your hands to create a work of art. By having weaving skills, you can make a variety of crafts that have a use value as a food, wall hangings, bags, plasterboard houses in the past even house walls made of woven bamboo.

Woven paper has aesthetic value and functional value, and by making the webbing of paper means that we preserve the nature. Because of the materials used to make matting is used goods are easily recycled, such as newsprint. Maybe you remember when still in elementary school once taught to make simple plait. Still remember the lesson? or even been forgotten? Relax, if you forgot here we will learn to make a simple woven from paper.

How to Make Woven Paper

How to Make Woven Paper

Make a woven paper with different motifs can definitely be a fun activity to spend leisure time. Besides can be used as a relief from the bustle of daily saturated, making handicrafts woven from paper also can provide additional income loe.

Of course this can be done if the results of webbing you already have a good quality and value for sera value of beauty. Yes to shorten the time, hehehhe. Kayak again wrote speeches yes, yes it immediately wrote here’s how to make a woven paper. Quite right can make a unique craft of the paper for packs of ice cream machines.

Tools and materials should be Prepared

To create a handicraft course we need the material and also some equipment that will facilitate us in creating the work. To that end here are the tools and materials necessary to make a woven paper.

Materials and Equipment Needed for Making Matting Paper

1. Two sheets of paper color, choose a different color so that the pattern on the webbing can be seen. If you have trouble providing color paper you can use plain white paper and provide their own coloring matches the color you like.

2. Cut, the function of this tool is to tidy up the scraps of paper on the webbing,

3. Kater or razor blade, this tool we will use to cut into small pieces of paper that can be made of webbing.
4. Pencils, used to make paper patterns woven in accordance with the form that will be made.
5. ruler, this tool is used to help make a straight line pattern that, in addition to the cutting process also uses a ruler so that the paper webbing is cut completely straight.
6. Glue Paper, glue used to attach webbing on the textures to be used as wall hangings.
Steps to Make Woven Paper

Steps to Make Woven Paper

Once the necessary tools and materials you’ve prepared everything, now it’s time to make a woven paper. Here are the steps to create a simple woven from paper.

The first step in making wicker is to create patterns on paper to be used. Draw lines on paper using a pencil and ruler. Create distance between the lines with a size of 1-1.5 cm.
To the edge of the paper leaving a distance of 2 cm.
Furthermore, after making a line on paper, cut the paper to follow the lines that have been created using the crankcase or razor blade.
Take the second paper, then cut lengthwise with scissors 1cm. Equate the paper width between the first and second paper.
The next step begin to weave the motifs woven paper you have prepared. To the early days you can make a simple motif woven paper, after having recently made a motif woven more difficult.
When finished weave trim the ends of the woven paper so unsightly.
Give the glue and glue them in this part of the edge of the paper. This is done to prevent matting that can not be separated.
Furthermore, the length of webbing which ye have made, so it looks more interesting you can give figura.
Well finished deh also woven that you make. We are sure that you make webbing not less good with other matting sold in various handicraft centers.
Tips to create a motif woven

1. For ease in making wicker motif, you can draw a first motif would you make to another paper.

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How to Make Easy Paper Woven with Different Motif
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