Surili and Cleaver iconic PON 2016

West Java Governor Ahmad Heriawan (Aher) claimed to be ready to face Sports Week (PON), which will be held in West Java, September 2016.

“God willing the 19th PON in 2016 will be held in West Java, has continued to prepare for the administration, the committee, detailed steps from start to finish,” he said in MNC Tower, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Tuesday (11/24/2015).

PKS politician it, claiming venues both existing and newly constructed venue. There is now almost completed.

“Of course the most important preparation of the venue, the venue we have prepared will be used in PON ke- 19. It is in preparation and will be completed between, 85 to 90 percent in December 2015,” he said.

Thus, prior to the implementation of the PON starts, all venue construction activities have ceased in June.

“The remaining 10-15 percent we will finish in early 2016. Maximum in June 2016, so June is no longer physical activity. In fact, God willing, in May’ve finished everything,” he concluded.

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Aher Claims Preparation PON already 90 Percent
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