Cirebon Host Pre PON Billiards

Prior to co-host the National Sports Week (PON) XIX in 2016, Cirebon also be a preparation for Pre-PON arena sports Billiards. It was announced by Chairman of Billiards Sports Association of Indonesia (POBSI) Jabar Ali Rachman.

The plan next November Shrimp City hosted the Pre-PON sports Billiards. Rachman rate, Cirebon been potential billiard sports in the city fairly good.

“Pre-PON billiard sports that will be followed by a thousand athletes and officials from 36 provinces billiard sports in Indonesia. Held over three days,” said Ali told Okezone.

Pre-PON itself is a selection event billiard athletes to qualify in the PON XIX 2016.

While PON while underway, the plan Cirebon be one venue sports (sports) pool. The sports will be held at the Swimming Pool Catherine Surya, Bima district, Village Sunyaragi, District Kesambi, Cirebon.

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Cirebon Host Pre PON Billiards
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