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Chairman of the Sector Guidance and Achievement Two Pengda The National Volleyball Federation of Indonesia (PBVSI) Yogyakarta Putut Marhaento said branch beach volleyball, DIY indeed mainstay. Hopefully, in the event the National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 can bring a gold medal. ” Indeed, for the beach volleyball, the men’s team became the mainstay, ” said Putu.

On the other hand, Chairman of Development and Achievement (Head Binpres) KONI DIY, Agung Nugroho, disclose, beach volleyball son was kept up to be the best in three previous consecutive PON. However, it still has not been matched by his daughter. ” Women’s beach volleyball athletes there is one that goes pelatnas (the national training camp), but still minimal performance in PON yesterday. New in the last eight, “he said.

For that, it will continue to encourage women’s beach volleyball athlete to be more active in the preparation of this PON. ” We had to find a partner. Our expectations, both men’s and women can get a medal. Especially for girls, at least a bronze or silver, ” he said.

Regarding indoor volleyball, it is currently in preparation Pelatda independently. Only later, on Spetember October or later, there will be a second Pelatda really facilitated by KONI DIY. ” Although Pelatda independent, we still monitor indoor volleyball. When there kejurnas will we send, ” he said.

Admittedly, for indoor volleyball later, the competition will be heavier. Warehouse athletes in East Java and Jakarta, so it needs no special precautions.

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DIY men’s beach volleyball team captured gold mainstay PON
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