Hayom cs absent, Central carefully send playersBadminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) Java has not planned to do the crawl athlete projections National Sports Week (PON) in 2016 in West Java. Determination of new athletes will be conducted one year before the holding of the largest sporting events in Indonesia it. Currently the athletes still concentrating the training center (TC).
” Recently later in 2015, we will set the athletes-athletes. If this year, then next year his achievement sank how?, ” Said Secretary General Gani Binarto PBSI Central Java, on Tuesday (8/4).

PBSI realized, badminton today’s achievement in conditions of up and down. Thus, inevitably, the determination of the athletes must be done selectively and carefully. In Indonesia Open last year, also failed to present the gold. On that basis, PBSI would not hasty in deciding the athletes who will be deployed.

According to him, Java still has a lot of athletes from the club’s stock of PT. Djarum achievers. The athletes had previously followed the national training camp (pelatnas), and they are also projected to strengthen the team next PON Central Java.

” In the men’s singles there Thomi Azizan Mahbub, and the women’s singles there Arimbi of Djarum. Stock we are in the women’s team more, than the men’s team, ” he explained.

Binarto said PBSI will also conduct observation of the athletes who will participate in the championship until 2015. Whichever athlete achievement that continues to increase, the athlete will be projected into the badminton team. ” Achievements of these athletes up and down. It must be ascertained achievements in 2015 remained stable since this time, ” he said.

Some athletes who will be absent among Ahsan-Tontowi (doubles) and Hayom Rumbaka (singles) because both exceeded 25 years of age. Although there are a number of national athletes who will certainly be absent because they do not meet the requirements of the age limit, it admits that they have the potential athletes more reliable to snatch a medal. ” There are still young, if Ahsan can not perform, ” said Binarto.

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Hayom cs absent, Central carefully send players
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