Jabar equestrian athletes yell demand PelatdaEquestrian sport will compete 25 numbers on the National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 in West Java. All numbers are decided at a meeting of the Central Sports Committee Members who approved some time ago to 15 numbers and 10 numbers for the equestrian races.

Now the Provincial Board (Pengprov) Equestrian Sports Association of Indonesia (Pordasi) concentrating fully. They prepare potential athletes and the best horse in preparation for multi mat four annual events.

General Secretary Pengprov Pordasi Jabar, Jejen Rusdiyana, said, concerns began to emerge as competitors such areas of Jakarta, Banten and East Java have started guerrilla to be able to compete with Jabar as a barometer of the national equestrian sports. However, the riding conditions Jabar still doing training camp. Especially in PON XVIII / 2012 and sports is not contested.

” Athletes have already started to shout, when training camp starts or Pelatda like other sports already underway. So do not get distracted by other areas that have already begun training camp and his allowance has been established, we do not want athletes disappointed, ” he said.

To that end, KONI Jabar through Satlaknya to immediately appreciate the sports riding to training camp area. Although not yet entered Pelatda, it has intensive training from Monday through Saturday at clubs respectively since the last year. There are four clubs are located in West Java, namely the BEC, Ashwatthama, Aragon and Balaturangga.

” After all these clubs also have limitations, should provide the horses as well. Maybe not just riding alone, but we are part of the sports that have not done Pelatda, “he said.

Jabar own Pordasi Pengprov prepare 18 athletes for equestrian and 8 to 10 athletes are prepared to go down in the next PON bias and four coaches. Now, said Jejen, it still uses the system degradation.

” Event Porda later used as a forum to see the ability of the athletes to what extent. Because we also still time to maximize the athletes and horses. Infrastructure rely on the club. Thanks to the club who had prepared the horse, but it also should be appreciated for food and nutrition, “said Jejen who met in the KONI Jabar, Jalan Padjadjaran Bandung.

For availability horse, continued Jejen, each club is already preparing. But if it turns out later menjeang PON performance decline, there is the possibility of setting up new horses.

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Jabar equestrian athletes yell demand Pelatda
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