Jabar godok young athletes face PON 2016

West Java successfully ranked second in National Sports Week (PON) XVIII in Riau. PON XIX / 2016, Jabar will host. Not wanting to fail, Jabar has prepared regeneration tebaik athletes to be at home.

“As a step to prepare a performance improvement in PON later, yes, we also have to prepare everything from now. Including coaching from an early age began, because of how well an early age to be prepared for the next PON, “said chairman of the KONI Jabar Aziz Sharif.

He will also prepare special programs as a step guidance that will be implemented over four years. Because the prism of PON XVIII, where coaching is done only two years could lift Jabar improve performance. Moreover, the preparation was carried out over four years.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Early Childhood Commission of Development and Achievement Regional Board (Pengda) Sport Bike Association of Indonesia (ISSI) Jabar, Nala Widya, said today he was the focus of attention of coaching athletes who excel bike early age. He targeted young athletes can be projected achievement PON XIX in 2016 in West Java.

” During this time we are trying to build an early age with all our resources and efforts, so that the athletes early age could appear in West Java. Besides the athletes do not just stop at the national forum, but also internationally, “he said.

According to Nala, the company has been aggressively building a potential athletes, ranging from basiknya, physical build, aerobics, and their bersepedah skills. “Certainly we will prepare it,” singaktnya.

However, to further create outstanding athletes a higher level need also athletes who have enough education. The reason for the early childhood development ideals are in addition to doing well in school, they also excel in the sport.

But in reality there has been, particularly dibalap bicycles, athletes leave their schools in order to pursue achievements in the region. And it’s unfortunate, but to be promoted to a higher forum tinggi.Karena needed more science in the world of sport is now 40 percent already use sport science. ” Seeing the conditions in today’s sports science department, at present we are preparing athletes who have high intellectual, “he said.

Reflecting the PON XVIII, sports bikes Jabar won five gold from the initial target of three gold medals and became the overall champion. As for the preparation of athletes early age, he always held a test conducted twice a month to see the achievement of speed from day to day to achieve the target that has been set.

” The new early age athletes trained for one year, seeing that time is still far and the program is still long, and we could not get in porsir who feared they were broken, “he said.
Until now athletes potential early age there are only 10 people and spread dibebrapa areas in West Java, namely Bogor, Sumedang, Pangandaran and Ciamis and Bandung. Because these areas are pockets of athletes sepedah in West Java.

” It was an idea to move athletes keBandung area to make it easier to shape them. But still related to many things, especially from the psychological side of their mental physical muda.Mungkin whose age is still growing, but the mental drop, “he said.

The ten athletes are divided in several numbers, the eight athletes for the number of road race, and the two people on the track number. While for a number of cross-country and downhill it is still looking for the seeds of potential athletes like Risa Susianti, the article of regeneration for the numbers spelled out the most difficult. ” As of today the potential is definitely there, but look at the championship for the number is not there, “for short.

Look at existing facilities, algebra has complete facilities for sports bikes. For highway numbers are Bandung-Subang route, as well as the Maras who have a category 1. In addition, Jabar also has a velodrome track that just needs a bit of improvement, and do not miss to numbers downhill, many places in West Java which only have to choose.

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Jabar godok young athletes face PON 2016
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