Jabar ready to host the 2016 PON

Once the province of Riau had the opportunity to host the National Sports Week (PON) XVII, now turn to the West Java province is preparing to host the XIX PON in 2016. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan also claim to have prepared all the needs PON.

“Insha Allah. Now everything is in preparation. Ranging from revamping buildings and sports venues that will be competed in the next PON, “said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan told reporters in Jakarta, Sunday (23/9).

He said that the preparation will begin in early 2013. He is optimistic that it can be a good host in the next PON. “Generally, sports arenas that are currently owned by the average West Java built in the 1960s. So some of the buildings, the condition is to be fixed, “he said.

Revealed himself to improve the sports facilities needed budget is not small. “Its value is not billions more, but has trillions. The budget can be obtained from the central government and provincial governments, “said Aher.

Aher also proud that Jabar was runner-up in yesterday in Riau PON. In the future, he said, coaching athletes will also continue to be made. “I am grateful PON this year, West Java, has won the second. I believe, the next PON we are ready to host, because the PON III of the 1961 West Java ever hosted, “he said.

Aher also, ensure the implementation of PON XIX / 2016 in West Java will be better and ensured its implementation only in one province. “PON XIX / 2016 Jabar guaranteed better and better prepared for the match had more experience and prepare the infrastructure development since the beginning. We make sure penyelenggaraanya only in one province which is in West Java,” he added.

West Java Province, has the experience of a number of provinces that have acted as hosts PON ranging from Java, South Sumatra, East Kalimantan and Riau last. “They could, West Java should be able to again. It’s time to prove to the other provinces. If so organized here, sports facilities would certainly be better. Could be another area that once hosted the PON, now has the best gym, “said Aher.

Related discourse PON held in two provinces in order to accelerate the development of sports infrastructure and ensure the readiness of the PON, Heryawan said it was not for West Java. “When there is discourse POUND held in two provinces ahead we will support him, go ahead, but after Jabar host PON XIX / 2016,” he said.

According to Heryawan, West Java has gained SK designation as host of the PON XIX / 2016 and Jabar readiness to host the single has become the province’s commitment. “Being the host PON XIX / 2012 in the province of West Java is a commitment,” he said.

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Jabar ready to host the 2016 PON
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