Java runners Still Have to Work Hard

Women athletes in East Java, Serafi Unani Anelis proved themselves by winning the women’s 100-meter dash in the National Athletics Championships Qualification XIX National Sports Week in Rawamangun Athletic Stadium, Jakarta, on Saturday.

“I was not satisfied with a time that I get. But at least I was able to prove myself as I am recovering from a hamstring injury right leg,” said Serafi injured since 2013 that after the race in Jakarta.

Serafi snatch gold medal in women’s 100-meter dash with a time of 11.92 seconds. Although impressive, he did not want arrogant and will continue to work harder to achieve better results.

“I have to work harder to four times to maintain the position because I am not satisfied with this result. I also admit had a problem with confidence,” continued the 26-year-old athlete.

Athletes who won five gold medal in women’s 100 meters race since 2010 it has not wanted to comment for PON 2016.

In the 100 meter dash race numbers daughter Athletics National Championship 2015, East Java athletes Tri Setyo Utami won the silver medal with a time of 11.94 seconds followed by fellow East Java Fitria Indah who won the bronze medal with a time of 12.07 seconds.

Athletes Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nely Susanti who recorded a time of 12.104 seconds and East Java Niafatul Aini athletes who recorded a time of 12.109 seconds PON managed to qualify in 2016.

Meanwhile, the three other athletes that Irene Alisjahbana from Jakarta, Maria Kondjol of West Papua, and Lutfi Dinda from East Java are unable to meet the deadline of PON 2016 qualification ie 12.19 seconds.

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Java runners Still Have to Work Hard
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