Olympic archer unwilling Slam, Java Borong 17 PON Tickets 2016

East Java archery contingent successfully targeting 17 tickets PON XIX / 2016. Success was achieved without injured 2016 Olympic archer, Ika Yuliana. In the event Pre-PON which ended on Monday (30/11) in Jakarta, Ika Yuliana reluctant to drop in Pre-PON, although already requested Pengprov Perpani Java.

“Ika is already getting tickets Pelatnas PON as an athlete, but he still we ask down to help his friends but do not want to,” said General Secretary of Perpani Java, Deny Trisyanto.

Although without Ika, Java is still able to do much with ticket won 17, 2016. In the standings acquisition PON PON ticket, Java is in the second position under the East Kalimantan with 18 ticket. Acquisition ticket together with Central Java, East Java. While DIY is ranked fourth with 15 ticket.

East Java reinforced pemahan mainstays such as Riau Ega, Diananda Choirunnisa, Della Adisti Hand and Lilies Haliarti, able to reach PON ticket at some numbers. Among these recurve men, recurve women’s recurve team event, compund son, daughter and compound compund team.

Although no medal, Java should be wary of the power of Jakarta, especially in the number of women’s compound team event. Therefore, East Java, which has dominated the gold medal women’s compound team lost to Capital in the race for first place in the Pre-PON.

Tim compound consisting of Jakarta daughter of Triya Rezky Adriani, April Dwi Novitasari and Apricila Elsa Kristina appear unusually strong team defeated East Java with a score of 225-223. Java team itself reinforced Tiara Sakti Ramadhani, Dellie Threesyadinda, and Yurike Nina Bonita.

Although only in the second position, compund Java daughter team made it to the PON 2016. “On the Pre-PON is no medal, we focus to secure the first ticket. In the team event and the individual taken three big 15. If the team qualify, Automatic individuals as well as in the compund, our team qualify, an individual has no other play, “said Denny.

PON 2016, archery ditargat Java KONI won six of the total 18 gold medals up for grabs. “We are still evaluating the results of the Pre-PON. With the capital now we are still confident of achieving the target of KONI. Problem opponent, strength now more evenly distributed,” he said.

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Olympic archer unwilling Slam, Java Borong 17 PON Tickets 2016
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