PERBASI Java wanted to keep medals

Provincial Board Indonesian Basketball Association (PERBASI) Java is determined to defend his title in the event the National Sports Week (PON) in 2016 in West Java Province. In 2012 in the PON Riau, Central Java successfully marry basketball title. Women’s basketball team managed to gain the gold medal in Central Java.

The men’s basketball team, won the silver medal in the event the biggest sporting event in the Indonesia. Achievement of gold inscribed daughter team, is the history of basketball gold medal for PON Central Java since it was first held in 1948 in Surakarta.

Silver medal in the men’s team can be maintained PON 2012, because the PON 2008, the men’s team also get silver. As for the women’s team, when it failed to bring home a medal for fourth place.

Java is actually women’s team has won the silver medal, but it was long enough. New successfully won gold at the 2012 PON.

Positive notch basketball team seeks to Central Java will be maintained in 2016. Despite PON, basketball competition is very tight, both teams outside Java and Java because the current force is almost evenly, including from the women’s team of Papua.

General Secretary of the Central Java PERBASI Khafid Sirotudin admit, the strength of basketball is prevalent in many provinces. Such as Jakarta, East Java and West Java was still a strong teams in Java. As for outside Java, to watch out for is the team from North Sumatra, Banten and East Kalimantan, because it also includes the flagship.

“The development of basketball in Java is pretty good. We want to keep the gold in the women’s team, as it becomes history, “said Khafid Sirotudin, who is also a former General Manager of Basketball Team in PON 2012, yesterday.

According to him, it is still done the stages of selection a decent player in the squad PON. Some players in the PON 2012 ago that he was still eligible pursuant PERBASI and consistent performance, this course will still be retained by the management.

“A lot of good players, there are from Salatiga and Solo. Of course, must meet the requirements in terms of age at the PON underway, “said Chairman of the PAN DPRD Central Java.

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PERBASI Java wanted to keep medals
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