PON affairs, Aher unwilling to end up in the Attorney
National Sports Week (PON) 2016 XIX will be held in West Java. The quadrennial event was expected to be a success after various preparations are made in advance.

“We want this PON success with four categories,” said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), at Gedung Sate, Bandung, West Java, Saturday (08/03/2014).

The first category, he wants the implementation of the PON successful in terms of implementation. Therefore, preparations continue to be serious. “Hopefully, there is no longer ahead of the PON execution venues, all expected to be completed on time,” he said.

The second category is the successful accomplishment. He hopes West Java become the overall champion in the PON later. “The price of West Java died should be the overall winner,” he said.

The third category of success is to be achieved economic success. PON implementation in West Java is believed will make the economy more and more stretched.

“God willing, West Java will be successful because of PON economics of this,” he said.

And the most important thing he said was kateori fourth success, the successful administration. He did not want after the implementation of the PON himself and the committee dealing with the law for the deviation.

“I want to be successful administration. Done PON do no business with the prosecutor,” said Aher.

For medium of fraud or clerical error, he says involves BPKP and other related parties. So budgeting and all purposes PON is not problematic.

“There should be no problem in the end. Mending from the start we anticipated together so that there is no impact on the legal end,” said Aher.

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PON affairs, Aher unwilling to end up in the Attorney
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