Sports Opportunities PON Indonesia Forward

There are at least 753 medals will be awarded to athletes from 44 sports achievement in the National Sports Week (PON) 19 to be held in West Java in September.

West Java Governor Ahmad Heriawan (Aher) say if you see the number of medals. PON this time is fairly large when compared with a similar event ever held.

“From the side of this event, this event the biggest even in the most multi-event, both Southeast Asia and internationally,” he said in MNC Tower, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Tuesday (11/24/2015).

However, with the number of medals is not a primary goal, Aher want with the PON is expected to raise the sons and daughters of Indonesia passionate for achievement in the field of sport.

“Or nothing at Olympic medals in PON, PON future, God willing, this should be an awakening passion of sport Indonesia,” he said.

Aher rate, because Indonesia has the potential to have achievements in various fields, as well as other countries such as Indonesia populous.

“Because usually many residents directly proportional to the sport, we see China, Amerikat States, Russia much of the population was directly proportional to the achievement, we have the fourth number of the largest population in the world. However, our achievements only in the number of four to six, we you want to bring triumph in the land of legends. Thus we tagline is “Berjaya in the Land of Legend” means that we make this resurgence pound PON, not just the revival in this country, “he concluded.

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PON Jabar Bigger Than Olympics
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