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Department of Youth, Sport, Culture and Tourism (Disporbudpar) Cirebon admitted confusion prepare for the National Sports Week (PON) XIX in 2016 in West Java. Until now, cross-sectoral coordination at the local level itself is barely there.

Disporbudpar Cirebon assess coordination with the provincial government related to the PON is still weak. On the other hand, coordination between relevant agencies in Cirebon City Government apparently has never been done.

Disporbudpar head Cirebon, Dana Kartiman admit, so far it has only once held a coordination meeting with the provincial government. To level the city of Cirebon, it never even held a coordination meeting.

“Meanwhile, if mapped the need for PON later, the preparation was a lot too. We rather ketar ketir, worry no time,” he said.

Currently PON, the plan Cirebon be one venue sports (sports) pool. The sports will be held at the Swimming Pool Catherine Surya, Bima district, Village Sunyaragi, District Kesambi.

Dana said, on June renovation of the swimming pool will begin and is expected to cost 10 billion from the budget of West Java Province. Renovations done to make the pool is representative, after the last few years is not enabled.

Renovation of the pool among other things, includes the demolition of the floor, turn the machine circulation, to the improvement of public facilities (Fasum). Its own swimming pool, fence, as well as the provision of administrative space. Renovation will be completed November this year.

“But once mapped, the PON preparation not only the swimming pool and the area. But also the other parts around the sports arena,” he said.

He specifies, among them infrastructure to the arena pool also needs revamping. In addition, other aspects such as communities around the arena. According to him, such a national event allows vendors to operate around the arena.

This requires some sort of arrangement that later was chaotic. PON is also on the other hand potentially positive impact on tourism in Cirebon. PON participants who came later, not only athletes but also the officials and family makes it possible to be present in Cirebon.

That opportunity glimpsed it as a positive impact of tourism. For this, he did not dismiss the need for coordination with the tourism business. Such as hospitality, including the object manager. While Cirebon tourism potential, such as the palace, the perpetrator culinary, souvenirs, and more.

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