Sports grow, PON XIX provide 755 golds

A total of 755 gold medals will be on from 44 sports (sports) is scheduled to be contested in the PON XIX- 2016 West Java. This number has a sharp spike compared Riau PON XVIII in 2012 and which only played 601 games numbers.

Increasing the number of game numbers revealed in Rakor Dissemination Branch Sports and Games PON XIX No. 2016, West Java, which took place in Bandung, West Java, recently. “Branch sports contested are also increasing. There are five branches (sport) is added,” said Chairman of Development Achievement KONI East Java, Irmantara Subagya.

Five new sports are scheduled to enter the four-yearly multieven it is cricket that will compete with the 10 numbers, equestrian (20 numbers game), dance (17 numbers game), drum band (10 numbers game), and hockey (5 numbers game).

Although not yet officially decided, but most likely there will be no change in the KONI Raparnas on 8-9 March in Jakarta. “Usually stay dock (percussion hammer), the numbers that we do not know,” he said.

While the Chief Executive of the KONI East Java, sports highlights new Abror Dhimam deemed unreasonable. For example is the sports of cricket to bring into 10 numbers match. “Cricket proposed 10 numbers (games). This is why many new sports, whatever the number,” he protested.

However Abror said KONI East Java will not flinch, even though host many benefit from the addition of numbers, including plans to bring the coach of Sri Lanka. “We are not afraid, we are well prepared. What we regret, in the PON sports orientation is not clear,” he said.

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Sports grow, PON XIX provide 755 golds
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