Suspected of corruption, Megah Stadium Jabar Police Sealed

Until now, the police have not permitted the use of the Stadium Bandung Sea of ​​Fire (GBLA) for National Sports Week (PON) in 2016.

That is because now the police are conducting an investigation related to allegations of corruption in the construction of the stadium is located in District Gedebage, the Bandung City. Investigation conducted by a joint team of the Police Headquarters and the West Java Police. In addition, the police are also worried about the condition of the stadium that sudahmulai damaged before use.

West Java Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Mochamad Iriawan, said today it is in need of expert witnesses, ranging from construction experts, expert land, up to a number of other experts to look at the feasibility of building a stadium that material alleged to have been corrupted.

“For PON, later that of the experts do not allow, so it can not be used,” said Mochamad Iriawan told reporters recently.

Iriawan asserted, if the experts recommend stadium can not be used, then the police will not take the risk.

“Even later risky, fit there are thousands of people there and then collapsed, do we shame,” he said.

Although there is no keputuasan of a team of experts, it has coordinated with the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, to prepare for the possibility if later the site was declared unfit for use PON 2016.

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Suspected of corruption, Megah Stadium Jabar Police Sealed
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