Face PON 2016, TC requested sports abroad

KONI South Sulawesi (Sulawesi), has received the evaluation report the trainer for several sports (sports). Chairman of Development and Achievement KONI Sulsel Addien said, to this day has received reports of about 20 sports that compete for PON XVIII in Riau in 2012.

From the report, the average sports, ask exercises or training camp / training center (TC) for PON XIX / 2016 held abroad. ” It was a tentative conclusion that we can report them, “he explained.

Addien said that in general the new KONI could respond to the request after 37 cabor entering report. ” We gave a deadline until this week they already have to submit a report, “he said.

According to him, the sooner the report into the KONI, then the sooner preparations for PON Jabar structured coaching program. ” If the report is received, will be created a new program, “he said.

He explained, not only failed to sports that will be evaluated. Suksespun sports but also on the agenda. ” KONI will see where the strengths and weaknesses, “he said.

However Addien ith the possibility of deletion answer a number of sports that failed in Riau PON PON to be included back in the XIX Jabar. ” Do not always talk graffiti-crossed before the official evaluation, “he explained.

Meanwhile, the athletic trainer Sulsel Abdul Kadir said, KONI must work quickly to do the evaluation. ” Because each sports should know what the new coaching program and the time goes by when, “he said.

The calendar will be matched by the provincial board program (Pengprov) each sports. ” Because pengprov should also be immediately addressed. Primarily for coaching organization that continues to run well, “he concluded.

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Face PON 2016, TC requested sports abroad
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