International Venue West Java provincial government responsibilityStatus of the host National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 makes West Java Provincial Government has the burden that has been waiting for. Because, West Java will play 43 sports (sports) PON XIX in 2016. However, there is still no proper venue for the match to be used in PON level.

Chairman of KONI Jabar, Aziz Sharif said that construction of facilities that match the obligations of government, through the Department of Sports and Youth (Disorda) Jabar.
“For the 19th PON later, Jabar has not had a match with international standards, but it is the obligation of the government of West Java,” he said.

So also with the development of the Integrated Sports Development Facility (Sport) Arcamanik, Azis rate, it is only a means to hold such exercises had been planned in advance by the parties Disorda. Land was not to stage international matches can be streamlined functions to deploy PON XIX.

“As already in the know THAT SPORT Arcamanik only be built for a training tool only, so to match means to the success of the delivery of PON, Jabar not have it,” said Aziz.
To that end, the true Jabar government must move quickly and swiftly and surely to the construction of facilities that match. “Starting from the budget submission, the mapping needs of each venue sports games, Disorda should think about it and right on target,” he said.
Budgets for the submission of the budget itself will be budgeted in the year 2013, and the budget will be down an estimated 2014 and then will start to build.
Azis hoped, with the rest of the time the venues that will be used for PON XIX Jabar was ready.

It was to succeed the implementation and avoid embarrassing moments such as when the PON XVIII 2012 in Riau. For mat PON in 2016, Jabar must be better prepared and successfully held the grand event.

“The remaining two years of half of the decline in the budget until the PON in 2016, I think it is enough to build venues if related party really seriously looked at the success of the PON in West Java. We need to take a lesson from Riau are considered not ready to host the PON resulting from venue construction is urgent, “he said.
Meanwhile, Chairman of KONI, Suratman also spoke about the readiness of the venues that will be used for the mat PON in Jabar later. According to him, as the host PON, Jabar emotion continues to coordinate the development of the readiness, particularly with regard to the venue of the first year of expansion match preparations.
In fact, not only the readiness dissemination to the public, but the relationship with the central government should be increased. Because after KONI will help the success of the host for the successful holding of the grand event.
“Indicative of Riau, for the construction of venues, KONI will also help encourage the funding, so instead of just using the provincial budget, but also tetunya no help from the center,” he said.
According to him, if the steps it has synergistic, then he believes Jabar will succeed in organizing the Games four years.
A different place, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said, to formulate needs Vanue all sports that will be contested in 2016 XIX PON need to set up a special team.
According to him, this is because although the PON activity center in place in SUS Gedebage, but not all games can be done in SUS Gedebage. He considered, improvement of existing facilities, improving SUS Gedebage, and the construction of new Vanue is possible to welcome the readiness Jabar PON XIX 2016.
“Some facilities pertandingkan will wear Vanue the old ones will be renovated. While again for the new venue, will be decided needs what and where they are located, partly in Vanue to be built in the city of Bandung and several districts / cities in West Java,” he concluded ,

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International Venue West Java provincial government responsibility
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