Jabar should be the overall winner PON 2016Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), West Java build commitment Jabar Kahiji raising achievement in National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016. That commitment is the first step to make the vision and mission at the closing of 2012.

Chairman fields of Development and Achievement (Binpres) KONI Jabar, Ucup Joseph revealed, Binpres Jabar wants to straighten out again coaching through Binpres-Binpres Pengprov to the coach, with the goal of ideals toward Jabar Kahiji up to all the sports that will be contested in the PON XIX which will come.

” This workshop is a program of guidance achievement as a first step in closing the year 2012 with the theme of raising achievement for PON XIX kahiji Jabar 2016. With expectations as hosts, Jabar had to grab the overall championship in the upcoming XIX PON, “said Ucup to SINDO after filling workshop at the office KONI Jabar, Monday (17/12).

According to him, in such programs are important objectives that should be achieved is the same vision and mission performance and confidence to make a komitmen.Yakni do not hesitate to say, ” contingent Jabar overall winner in 2016 XIX PON “.

Jabar people in West Java, said Ucup, should not hesitate to believe Jabar contingent will be the overall winner in the next PON. Because it becomes the starting point for the move, because the main objective is to reach jabar kahiji by winning the overall championship.

” With such a program, it must make a commitment together and become performance four years akana comes to success Jabar sport. Paid by the joint performance between Binpres and coaches who supported KONI, Pengprov, athletes, and parents of athletes to reach our goals, “he said.

In the workshop was to discuss the strategic plan toward Jabar Jabar kahiji and boost performance athletes to be the best. It also discussed in it related to psychology to support the athlete’s performance, and the role of sports medicine in preventing injuries in order to improve the athlete’s performance.

Ucup rate, Binpres as the spearhead of coaching, will restore the function of each Pengprov sports Binpres that enter the grooves or tracks that will collaborate with pealtih.

In addition through the program, from 2013 or later Jabar will begin to bind the athletes who won medals in PON XVIII and then to continue to defend Jabar. “In addition to growing confidence toward Jabar overall champion, is planned from 2013 will bind the athletes who won medals at last PON give pocket money and it will be sustained until the PON 2016,” said Ucup.

He hoped that the measures undertaken will KONI Jabar sweet fruit forward by winning the overall championship in the PON XIX 2016.

” We hope, with programs that do the KONI Jabar could bring glorious achievement by winning the overall championship in the PON Jabar 2016, “he concluded.

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Jabar should be the overall winner PON 2016
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