Kans final between Jabar pejudo closed

Judo team of West Java (Jabar) gets a pass athlete in any number or class pertadingan through a wild card in the PON XIX / 2016. Therefore, the chances Jabar judo team to put athletes on the ‘All-Jabar Final’ or fellow athlete Jabar final closed when hosted on PON XIX / 2016.

“Certainly like that, that there would be no All-Jabar finals in judo. Because we were only able to include one athlete in one class matches. Whereas in previous PON Jabar could put two athletes in several classes,” said coach judo West Java, Mulyana.
In the East Kalimantan and Riau PON, Jabar always passed 21 athletes. This means that there are five classes followed by two athletes Jabar in that arena. But by relying on automatic breakouts through the wild card quota athletes Jabar only 16 athletes who will descend on the 16 number game.
On the other hand, the opportunities are those that have other athletes could not make the team because of a quota can only host one athlete per game numbers.
“This is obviously detrimental to the team, we expect the athlete ranking system also applies to athletes Jabar, so that their potential can still be channeled in PON,” he said
Related to that, Mulyana claimed, the regulations do not yet know it still will be changed or not. Because, Jabar had been inhabited by pejudo-pejudo which has a nationally ranked in the top rankings.
“During this time the judo athletes rated based on the results of the match and the championship that they follow during the year, for athletes Jabar itself has very good ratings,” said Mulyana.
Branch judo is one of the mainstays of West Java in PON in addition to other sports such as kempo, karate, athletics, taekwondo, boxing, swimming, rowing and more. The West Java pejudo GOR intensify his training in Judo, located on the second floor GOR Tri Lomba Juang Complex Sport Center Padjadjaran Bandung.
Mulyana hopes these regulations will change in accordance with its development. Thus, as the host in PON XIX later, West Java still has a chance of lowering the athletes flagship. Moreover, the traditions of all final Jabar could still happen in four annual event. Because pejudo rank-pejudo Jabar at national level dominate the top rankings.

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Kans final between Jabar pejudo closed
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