PASI Jabar prepare a water-skier seedJabar water ski sports will regenerate athletes in preparation for PON XIX / 2016 in West Java. Therefore, Jabar has the potential of young athletes are now prepared.

” Water-skiing is still the potential to become a contributor medals in PON Jabar. Therefore, from now on we have to provide guidance early on. Jabar still have young athletes, “said General Secretary (Secretary) Pengprov Water Ski Association of Indonesia (PSASI) Jabar, Darwin Suratman to SINDO yesterday.

According to him, the development from an early age to do so Jabar does not need to be confused and had trouble getting athletes coatings. Jabar young athletes should be honed quality. “Now is the time to finalize our young athletes,” he said.

He is optimistic ahead of coaching athletes, will run smoothly kika representative facilities and infrastructure support for the passage of coaching. Of that, Pengda will coordinate with KONI Jabar, the article still many obstacles in the field that will be the result of a joint evaluation will be reported immediately. “Actually there are few obstacles, particularly the problem of the lake, because it’s been a lot of net community that already has mushroomed,” said Darwin.

Jabar water-skier has now returned to pencab respectively. Due to Jabar will host pendaataan so we have to prepare early. Pengda will undertake internal coordination will be no recruitment of athletes with the potential to PON later.

Darwin remains optimistic with a clear program and facilities refresntatif, will be able to produce a good athlete. Later, water skiing Jabar could become a mainstay in the national events, especially PON next few years.

Today, he added, water skiing competition in the country is quite tight. Some areas now have a great-great athlete. Such as, Jakarta, East Java and Riau Islands. “We will conduct an evaluation of the results achieved in the PON Riau yesterday. It is necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses when appearing in PON ago, “he said.

Indeed, for the sport of water skiing is included in cabong sport is not very popular, yet so memasyarakat.Namun Pengda will make efforts to attract potential athletes who could contribute to Jabar.

Now Jabar still have eight young athletes who will be prepared. And that number will be contested later of seven numbers, but Darwin will try to propose to add the numbers jumping, because Jabar has potential in that number. “I’ll try to propose a number of jumping, so later Overall.atlet could do the trick, slalom and jumping , it’s a gold medal. Because time PON Riau jamping not contested, whereas in kaltim contested, “he said.

PON XVIII Riau, successfully contributed by Febiandi Jabar Muhammad Andri, 200 points ahead of athletes Jakarta, Zulkarnain Maliki who earn a silver medal. Febiandi appearance at the finals, including extraordinary. In fact, when compared to its appearance when the preliminary round, the appearance in the final is surprising. When allowance, Febiandi only managed to score 2.510 and the value placed only in the position of the final five games.

For training camp, Pengda PSASI Jabar will hold talks with Pengcab Pengcab Purwakarta and Bandung West. So later for the success of future programs can run smoothly.

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PASI Jabar prepare a water-skier seed
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