Regency Bandung ready to be organizers of sports PONHas several international venues that surround the stadium Sijalak Harupat, Kab. Bandung is ready to host a number of sports that will be contested in the PON XIX / 2016.

Bandung Regent Dada M Naser believes it is ready to host a number of sports that will be contested in the PON XIX later. Even KONI Kab. Bandung has been reported to the relevant sports Bandung regency anywhere that could be contested in the District. Bandung.

“KONI has reported the results of an inventory of sports which can be contested in the district. Bandung. The point we are ready to host a number of sports that competed in the PON,” he said some time ago.

According to Dada, in addition to Sijalak Harupat stadium, around the stadium there are several venues that have international level. One of these venues archery, rock climbing, sofball and hockey. “To make corrections venue, we also disburse the budget from the budget, so that the preparation of venues that will be used to more optimally” he said.

Whereas, for the access road toll Soroja Dada hopes construction completed before the PON. For construction expressway connecting Bandung and Kab. Bandung, its plan will be started in 2013. ” We hope that the work can be done toll Soraja beginning in 2013, so that it can be used for access roads Sijalak Harupat mneuju Stadium, “he said.

If the implementation of some of the sports in the PON can be done in the district. Bandung, Dada hopes to boost the local economy in the district. Bandung and introduce SME products Kab. Bandung. Therefore it is possible will be made tents SMEs around the stadium.

“Product SME us a lot. If some sports PON can be implemented in the district. Bandung, we sekalin promote such products as souvenirs PON,” he said.

In addition to the District. Bandung, Bandung also shown readiness. Even Bandung KONI has been an inventory of venues anywhere that could be used. Chairman of KONI Bandung, Aan Johana admitted that it had conducted an inventory of sports venues in the city of Bandung.

Even he hopes sports in PON XIX Jabar 2016, the majority of which took place in the city of Bandung. “Reflecting on the implementation of previous PON, PON event in West Java to be more successful, both in terms of implementation, facilities and infrastructure. Because in PON previously assessed as there are various shortcomings, especially in terms of means of games,” he said.

Not only that, Aan hope SUS Gedebage which will be proposed to the opening or closing of 2016. Moreover PON XIX SUS Gedebage built to international standards.
According to him, for the construction of venues, Bandung City Government will participate budgeted starting in 2013. Later that budget will be calculated so that if there is a deficiency can be shared with the provincial government and central government. “The budget of Bandung itself will begin in 2013 with a multi-year system,” he said.

Venue to be built around SUS Gedebage diantarannya, athletics track, building martial arts game, aquatic, gymnastics, indoor hall that can be used for volleyball or basketball, archery, indoor soccer, motor racing track, and athlete.

While outside the SUS Gedebage is among others a bowling alley, billiards, shooting and others. “For bowling and billiards, can be built in crowded places such as shopping malls or other,” pugkasnya.

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Regency Bandung ready to be organizers of sports PON
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