screen printing way easily to scale home

screen printing way easily to scale home

Yes deh, time began to read many books on screen printing technique (screen printing), immediately feels pingin live in a city that has art supply stores large and complete. Pingin babunya imaginary hell can go back and forth every weekend to Singapore I’ll be hanging out all day milihin tools in the shop art screen printing friend at Bras Basah. Gatel really feels already read the theory but can not directly practice for materials and ingredients are not easily obtained (yes then just do not know where). Finally one day I discovered how to create screen video tutorials and how screen printing which ingredients I can get easily.

Material screen:
Embroidery hoop / signpost round to make embroidery
White fabric made of polyester (cotton organdy)
Masking tape
Brushes of various sizes
Glue Fox (yellow bottle) or Mod Podge

Materials for screen printing:

Cloth printing ink
ATM cards that are not used
Grey cloth, cotton or canvas

How to create a screen:

Pinch white polyester fabric in the embroidery hoop. Make sure the cloth wedged tight / tight so as not to shift when screen printing. Use masking tape to stick the fabric around the embroidery hoop. This method helps the fabric wedged tight and uninterested-pull / shift.

Print the images you want printed on the white cloth.
Give the glue / mod podge of all parts that do not want printed. Glue or mod podge of this function is to cover the pores of the fabric or upholstery screen. Make sure the part that does not want printed enclosed glue / liquid mod podge well.
Let the glue / liquid mod podge on the screen until perfectly dry.

screen printing ways:

Place the screen on top of the fabric that will be printed.
Dab the printing ink to taste (do not need much, just a horizontal line only).

Use the ATM card to sweep the ink on the image. Do it with emphasis and in one direction only.
As usual … I hepi really just the result of this experiment. Touched deh feels that time because finally found enlightenment about screen printing techniques. Although this method does cupu secupu-cupunya, hahahaha. But the end result of this cupu ‘praised’ equally solid jutek handyman stencil near the house, he said, “Well if you’ve managed so gini does it mean’ve got great intentions was learned nyablon” Hahahaha!
Oh but that does not mean instant success the first try, guys! Initially it’s a total failure not know any of that. But so was, even more curious for more to be tried. It ya evidence of failure.
After that immediately like ‘go ballistic’ make trial continues curiosity really the same kind of fabric is the most appropriate for making this screen (I did buy various types of fabrics which I feel is appropriate so the screen, there are made from cotton, cotton blends polyester and fabric types of organdy ). Turns out the choice fell on organdy cloth dof!

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screen printing way easily to scale home
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