The starling Harupat for opening and closing the venue

Department of Youth, Sport and Tourism (Dispopar) District. Bandung will maximize the build venues already existing studies and land around the stadium Sijalak Harupat, Kab. Bandung as a form of implementation readiness PON XIX Jabar 2016.

Kadispopar Kab. Bandung, Akhmad Djohara said that, in addition to repairs and maintenance of existing venues, it will build a new venue around the stadium Sijalak Harupat.

“Because Jabar will host the XIX PON, of course, we will also be preparing from now. Especially around Sijalak Harupat stadium will be used as a sports center, so some sports could be contested there,” said Akhmad.

For the construction of this venue, it prioritizes the existing studies including the land to build it. “We can not directly build everything, so which one priority. Now existing studies and land and buildings is the swimming venue for the indoor game,” he said.

Akhmad also assess, starling Harupat Stadium could be used for opening or closing the PON later. Especially for the access road will be constructed Toll Soroja which is connecting Bandung and Kab. Bandung.

“It could be later used as a place opening or closing. But for venues that could be used for games in the PON later we have conveyed to the administration and Kemenpora,” he said.

He wished all the plans can run smoothly. Because it is also a successful step towards PON XIX Jabar 2016. “Hopefully everything goes smoothly,” for short.

In addition starling Harupat Stadium, venue owned by the District. Bandung among archery, hockey, baseball and softball. Previously, the Regent of Bandung, Dada M. Naser said it is ready to host a number of sports that competed in the PON later. Even KONI Kab. Bandung has to report to the Bandung regency, where the sports that can be played in the District. Bandung.

“KONI has reported the results of an inventory of sports which can be contested in the district. Bandung. The point we are ready to host a number of sports that competed in the PON. To make corrections venue, we also disburse the budget from the budget,” he said.

To access roads, construction of toll Soroja Dada hope to finish before the implementation of the PON. The execution of the toll is expected to be started in 2013. “This Soroja Tol short distance. If the process can be carried out in 2013, are expected to be settled within a year to be used for access roads to the stadium starling Harupat,” he concluded.

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The starling Harupat for opening and closing the venue
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