Tas Seminar dan Diklat S6 22

We are one of the bags that only produce bags based on the needs of our clients or customers. Therefore we always provide you with services such as consulting services where you can tell us about the material required in accordance with your order, the funds you have, and do not miss is the delivery terms and the provision of free samples. Do not hesitate to cooperate with our company.

Let Us Help You

If you have decided to order a bag with us, our team is always ready to assist you in determining the choice for you to choose a bag to suit your wishes. We are also always ready to help you make the design of the bag you want and eases the problems of a technical nature. Here we always appreciate the time and investment you have entrusted to us.

We are also always ready to assist you in making patterns or designs of bags that will be your message. At our place, we have a team of designers who are experienced and always ready to assist you in determining any matter related to the product bag that will be your message to be according to what you expect.

Allow Us To Explain Bidding Process

Always consult with our team on the model of the bag will be your message, the color of the bag you the message, materials, and so forth through the various media of communication that exist today. We can always receive consultation that you submit to our team via phone, SMS, e-mail, or fax as well. You can also directly visit our office to consult on a wide range of offers that we provide to you.

To further facilitate you in ordering a bag to us, especially for those who are outside the area, then you can choose the model you want by visiting the product catalog pages and then you just send it to us. Orders can be sent by e-mail to us and then your order will be processed.

Booking Through Design That You Create

You can mengkunsultasikan with our team regarding the design you created yourself. We can also accept a variety of file formats that can be processed. Among them are DOC (Microsoft Word), CDR (Corel Draw), PSD (Photoshop), XLS (Microsoft Excel), PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WMF. We also did not rule out the other types of files that you send us.


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