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Many parties in this case is the factory which produces material in the manufacture of bags that have been offered to cooperate with our company to offer materials at low prices. But after our company test the material, the result is not in accordance with our expectations because the quality is not good. A bag of good quality of course be made by the manufacturer of raw materials is also good.

Selection of Quality Material Is Our Commitment

We prefer to use high quality materials and our quality has been tested to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Although the sale price that we specify more expensive than lower-priced materials, but for the quality of the products we create can we guarantee the quality that can be relied upon. Our priority as a company engaged in producing quality bags are customer satisfaction and trust is the main capital for us.

We hope to always be able to provide quality products for those of you who do need a quality bag products for use in various purposes. With the quality that we offer to you our customers, so we are working to keep complete a course with the production of the final result of the products that have high quality. These qualities not only from one side, but on the quality of the seams of our products, accessories are added, as well as other elements are always our attention.

Production Control storey

Our company is always creating high-quality products, so here we impose a layered system of quality control for each of the stages. Our first stage is to select or sort the bag where we one by one we collect a bag that has the best quality and a separate bag that does not correspond to samples that have been made to our customers who have booked in advance.

For the second stage is to form a team of our quality control is different between each other. Then we also still select a bag that has been completed we produced are then packaged by our team. In the latter stages of this we always try to pay attention to the smallest possible thing that can reduce the quality of our products. We always try as much as possible in terms of maintaining the quality of our products before the delivery of the products that we have made.

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