Pabrik Tas Bandung
Pabrik Tas Bandung

As a company that produces bags with good quality, we Bag Factory Idol always committed to provide the best for you our loyal customers. If you as our customers have to feel satisfaction, then we will be very happy because your satisfaction is our priority. We always offer a wide range of high quality products at low prices.
How Bag Able Us Production?
As one of the bags that are experienced in the field of production of bags, we use high-tech machines to produce bags that you want. For the sake of reaching our customers spread all over the archipelago, then we also innovate in terms of product introductions, namely through the website.
Our Idol Bags Factory is always ready to serve you whenever and wherever you are. Your satisfaction is our primary responsibility as a manufacturer of quality bags at competitive rates. We also use high-speed sewing machines and the latest release, the sewing machine needle 2, quality obras machines, manual cutting machines, cutting machines and also are using the machine.
The production capacity of our factory is capable of producing 20,000 pieces of bags of bags within a month. So for the various needs of your bag, entrusted only to us. Here we will always try to give you the best service for our loyal customers.


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Jl. Leuwipanjang – Leuwisari V No. 59 Bandung 40235.

Tel. 022-5206738, Fax. 022-5229340,
HP. 081.221.24803

Email : ,

BBM :2931A361

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Jl. Leuwi Sari V no 59


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