Jabar attitude makes Java inflamed

Decisions host West Java were not melombakan screen sports and dance on PON XIX / 2016, re-create the KONI East Java furious. Understandably, sports screens into one of the mainstays Java panning for gold.

Chairman Chairman of KONI East Java, grants Satriagung said wonder if the West Java as host PON in 2016, did not bring into sports screen. “Our country is the State nautical, cook-screen sports and surfing are not contested. I think Jabar have sports facilities to hold it,” he said.

Until now, Erland claimed to know the news of the abolition of the two numbers from the media. “I hope it was just a rumor and is not a permanent decision. I hope not to race sports was not because Jabar fear with Java ?, ” he said.

Men who also served as Chairman of the East Java REI is also reminded that Jabar does not seek to unsportsmanlike conduct for its own sake. Moreover, the screen sports always played in PON and a mainstay of Indonesia at the SEA Games, Asian Games and the Olympics. ” It often happens in PON-PON and then, all hopes next PON can be more dignified, “he said.

Naturally, if Java on fire with Jabar plan deletes two sports, especially the screen. Because, in the PON 2012, Java triumphed by winning the overall championship after a gain of four gold, three silver and four bronze.

Under the existing Java Jakarta contingent, with four gold, one silver and three bronze. After East Java and Jakarta, collecting medals won contingent South Sulawesi (Sulawesi) with three gold and four bronze.

Not long ago, KONI Jabar announce remove two sports, which screens and and dance. Special screens, reasons for deletion Jabar had no means fixtures.

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Jabar attitude makes Java inflamed
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