Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Yogyakarta Special Region of West Java asked not to intervene when the other party to host the National Sports Week (PON) XIX 2016. Hope was made Chairman of KONI Yogyakarta, Prabukusumo when making a comparative study to KONI Jabar by bringing 30 officials KONI body in Yogyakarta some time ago.

Chairman of KONI Yogyakarta, Prabukusumo, said support Jabar host the 2016 XIX PON is expected to better implementation of sebelumnya.Pada occasion also, Chairman of Yogyakarta was asking KONI KONI West Java PON oversee the implementation of regulations that do not match other parties intervened ,

“Frankly we provide input to the KONI Jabar to oversee the implementation of the game PON XIX / 2016 in each branch in accordance with existing rules and not any party intervention,” said Prabukusumo on the sidelines of a visit to KONI Jabar.Ia said the contingent was disappointed at while PON XVIII / 2012 in Riau in sport kite flying.

According Prabukusumo due to the intervention of one of the contingent of participants, number match was quite disturbing other participants. Prabukusumo claimed to support full PON Jabar as hosts in 2016 and convinced the neighboring provinces will be able to hold a sporting event multievent it properly and firmly.

Of the visit as well, it studied the successful tips KONI Jabar who have managed to improve his performance in PON XVIII 2012 last.

“I applaud each KONI Jabar, at which time PON Kaltim was in fourth position, but in the PON Riau able to overshadow Jakarta and managed to be runner-up in that event. We think appropriate for us to be able to learn a lot from KONI Jabar in order menyongosong better performance PON KONI Yogyakarta in 2016, “he told reporters.

In terms of coaching, he admitted, with budget constraints Yogyakarta, he hopes to maximize coaching athletes. Especially seeing other provinces already use a foreign coach even dispatch athletes abroad for training as well as Jabar.

“I missed a PON Riau ago, at a time when other provinces are already using the trainer outside and send athletes abroad, while we can only send two athletes only abroad, namely from taekwondo and wushu. Honestly it hurts. To that end, the PON 2016 we had to be advanced further enhance the medals table. Hopefully after our comparative study to KONI Jabar, many lessons we learned as we headed to the evaluation material better, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Chairman of KONI Jabar, Aziz Sharif provide some keys to success Jabar won the second position in the PON Riau last year. “It’s actually a secret, we were just told to Yogyakarta. To increase the ability of athletes whom we send athletes to South Korea,” he said.

He said that, with the cooperation with the government in South Korea, the cost of sending athletes so much cheaper. It also makes the athlete’s ability honed. According to Aziz, this can be emulated by Yogyakarta.

“It is an honor for Jabar on visits KONI from other provinces. In fact Jabar only rank two in the PON ago. But with time relatively short could lift a significant achievement from fourth into second and comparison medals are very thin with the overall winner to within six gold medal, “he said.

According to Azis, despite increased from the fourth position in the PON Kaltim, but Jabar has not felt anything despite having risen to second in Riau PON ago. Because, Jabar has not been able to achieve overall winner, for the PON 2016 where Jabar will act as the host, the overall winner of a fixed price.

Although still three years away, KONI Jabar already made preparations for Merai ideals with centralization program and long-term development to galvanize the athletes mainstay Jabar.Azis also supports the Yogyakarta’s KONI could improve his performance in PON XIX 2016.

He hoped that anyone can learn to KONI Jabar received valuable lessons for regional progress in fostering athletes. However, Aziz claimed KONI DIY is not as competitors terbaratnya. Jabar competitors in PON XIX 2016 are Jakarta and East Java.

“I support the KONI Yogyakarta to improve their achievement, because right after this there must be a comparative study results obtained as a teaching and evaluation KONI DIY,” he said.

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Jabar beber secrets of success, DIY ask contingent not to intervene
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