Chief Executive Eddie Koni Jakarta Jakarta contingent Widodo hope not complacent after becoming the overall champion at the National Sports Week (PON) in 2012 in Riau. Because the incision medal Jakarta contingent with the runner-up West Java (Jabar) only thin adrift.

PON gold medal in 2012, the city which won 110 gold to within eight gold from Jabar. This should be especially wary of West Java will host in PON XIX 2016.

” Remember us to within 8 gold with Jabar and this must watch out for in the year 2016. Moreover, they will have the ease in 2016 as it will be the host, “Eddie said in the discussion that was held Siwo sport with Konida Jaya Jaya in Konida Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (03/20/2013).

Eddie hoped branches in organizing the sport last year failed to contribute a medal could contribute. He noted there are 10 sports who failed to contribute medals including weightlifting, bodybuilding, basketball, archery, sepak takraw, swuash and boxing.

” In addition, 6 the sport that has been successfully wiped out the gold in 2012 should maintain the achievement. They should not be complacent, because the next opponent is the host, “he said.

Chairman of Winni Erwindia Konida Jaya Jaya optimistic contingent will be defending the title of champion in 2016. ” As the leader has become a big responsibility and my obligation to bring Jakarta won the overall championship. I believe we are capable of, “he said.

He hoped that the title will be maintained Jakarta while upholding the value of sportsmanship, fair play and friendship. ” This is necessary so that the sport can provide a positive image not only in Indonesia but also in the international community. ”

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Sure the overall winner, Jakarta aware Jabar
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