Jabar terjunkan 27 athletes studied to South Korea

West Java seriously prepare athletes at the National Sports Week (PON) XIX 2016. The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) West Java, fielded 27 athletes from the three sports to sit to South Korea (ROK).

The move was in accordance commitment Chairman of KONI Jabar, Aziz Sharif, which states that in order to pursue a target for the overall winner in PON 2016. KONI Jabar committed, dispatched throughout the gold potential athletes improve their ability to practice in the country who are competent in their field.

The 27 athletes are from the sports of gymnastics, wrestling and taekwondo. They will in practice ginseng country for three months. Previous sports that went to judo and South Korea is now back.

” KONI Jabar has drawn up a program telling and doing long-term Pelatda for all sports, in order of seriousness Jabar prepare the athlete’s performance. There is still plenty of time to be dimamfaatkan well. There are three years to prepare the athletes who are ready to make Jabar Kahiji in PON XIX, “said Aziz.

He said the results of PON XVIII / 2012 becomes a benchmark for the KONI Jabar to prepare a more mature athlete again. “We are facing a job that does not mess around, preparations made far more intensive and more leverage,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General KONI Jabar, Lili Rolina said the athletes were dispatched to South Korea is not concurrently. For sports gymnastics depart on October 7, 2013 some time ago, sports taekwondo will be dispatched on 17 October 2013, and wrestling on 21 October 2013.

Lili rate, diberangkatkannya fighters Jabar sport is one in a series of long Janagka Pelatda program conducted KONI Jabar. while in South Korea, they will be in damping South Korean coach who has been training them in West Java.

But even so, these athletes are not automatically included in the core team Pelatda PON Jabar. according to Lili, KONI Jabar still use the promotion system degradation for all athletes in all sports. Because then, crawl athletes will be really selective.

In addition to the three sports, sports-other sports that have not been dispatched will get the opportunity to practice abroad, and not just to South Korea. “For training abroad, adjusted trainer programs. As a fencing although foreign coach, but they chose to practice to South Sulawesi and East Kalimantan,” he said.

Likewise with the athletes Jabar is now being wrought in Pelatnas. They’re used test match or training abroad with the team in Pelatnas. So it is an advantage for the power Jabar PON XIX in 2016.

” If all of them are already familiar with the national training center and the training test match out with the team there. But we also keep watch and monitor their progress through the field of intelligent sport KONI Jabar, “he said.

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Jabar terjunkan 27 athletes studied to South Korea
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