Woe, four new sports make Java dizziness

Target East Java to reclaim the title of overall winner in National Sports Week (PON) XIX / West Java, 2016 feels heavier. Moreover, after the Central Sports Committee approved the addition of four new sport.

Four new sports to be competed in four annual multiven is equestrian, hockey, dance, and marching band. Unfortunately, all of the sports that so far not become the granary of gold Jatim but sports “owned” the two toughest rivals, Jakarta and West Java host.

Chief Executive of the KONI East Java, Dhimam Abror said the decision to bring into the four sports new was taken in the meeting of members of the Central Sports Committee, recently ‘Four sports new pretty headache us, because of the four sports, only the sports that can be maximized by Java, namely hockey, “he complained.

Unfortunately again, a total of 44 numbers match or gold medals at stake on the sports emapt. Equestrian most that bring into the 20 numbers. Followed drumband 10 numbers, and hockey 4 numbers. “To dance can still be eight or 10 numbers game,” said Abror.

Of the 44 numbers match, continued Abror, East Java only berpelung seize any two numbers in the sports of hockey. Namely field numbers sons and daughters. “Hockey East Java now begun to live, but we can be a maximum of two numbers of four numbers that competed. “He said.

While riding to race 20 numbers, the power of Java actually weak. Because, during Pengprov Pordasi Java focus more on racing number instead of the number of harmony. Ironically, the race numbers are not dipertadingkan in PON. Equestrian sports may be dominated host Jabar and some number belongs to Jakarta.

Together with riding, dance sports will also benefit Jakarta and West Java. PON these two areas in 2012 and was on Java. Jakarta and West Java as the overall winner in the runner-up. “Dance sports that will be played will enrich gold revenue of Jakarta, while the marching band and riding we still blind in the strength of the opponent,” he said.

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Woe, four new sports make Java dizziness
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