KONI Jabar asked to learn from the shortcomings of RiauNational Sports Week (PON) XVIII / 2012 ends. In addition to ordain Jakarta as the overall winner, the leaders of this country want the recurring shortfall in Riau PON currently held again in West Java (Jabar) in 2016.
Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Suratman stated, all the mistakes and shortcomings that occur in the PON Riau, such as the lack of facilities as well as some systems do not run need not be exaggerated.

” Although there are some problems, hopefully this can be resolved with a cool head. What is clear, on behalf of the Sports Committee, I am grateful for every layer of society who have supported the success of PON this time, “said Tono.

” The evaluation for the future in order to imitate the West Jawa good things and correct the deficiencies that should not have happened when they hosted later. PON of this, we expect young athletes can be captured and we finalize the quality, “he continued.

Former athletes fencing and shooting is confirmed that coaching athletes is the main program that must be immediately initiated and implemented. Former Commander VI Mulawarman era of 2008 to 2010 is also explained, KONI will consider to provide an opportunity for other regions to host the PON after Jabar. In fact, the proposed co-host for the PON, like the World Cup event as well as the European Cup will be considered carefully.

“This proposal is very representative. Hopefully this can be realized,” said Tono. “Other areas that had a spirit that should be supported for the host. They may not desire to be a winner. Therefore, they are aware of the potential and capacity. They just want to show solidarity, togetherness, also graced the Games this fraternity,” said Tono amid the bustle of the festive spirit of East Kalimantan after making history for football gold medal the first time since 1948.

Meanwhile, Chairman of KONI Winny Erwindia states, a coaching program is the most important factor to put forward. According to the former Managing Director of Bank DKI, all criticism and shortcomings PON Riau should be morale boosters in the next PON. ” The most important thing is how the athlete development program, “he said.

” This coaching program-it depends managers. The success of the city become the overall champion is not an easy road. We only allocates budget funds by 80 percent for athletes coaching program. What’s the point champion here if after that talent is not built and honed to be even better, “said Winny.

The coaching program was confirmed also Chairman of the Indonesian Basketball Association (PB PERBASI) Anggito Abimanyu. The potential and talent of young athletes PON this time will be captured and built upon. In fact, Anggito has set up a national training program (pelatnas) ahead of the Southeast Asian Games 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar.

” For those who potentially, they will be included pelatnas. PON is not the end of accomplishment. We prepared two options, sending the major basketball team has been formed or forming a new one. But I am inclined to form a young team to be prepared to be a new team so that the main target in 2015, “said Anggito.

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KONI Jabar asked to learn from the shortcomings of Riau
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