KONI Jabar insistent PON 43 sports in 2016Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) in West Java was determined to fight for 43 sports (sports) at the National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016. Therefore, KONI Jabar insists will retain 43 sports are currently the National Sports Council (Musornas) at the beginning of next year.

” Jabar definitely will play 43 sports, we want to restore the mission and vision of the event PON, “said Secretary I KONI Jabar, Lili Rolina.

Lili said, desire is already socialized Jabar Jabar while attending the National Friendship KONI Province Se-Indonesia, Pekanbaru, 6-8 October. During the meeting, Jabar had become the center of attention of the participants of friendship. The reason, which will host the XIX PON is Jabar.

” At that time, West Java has been trying to step forward in the event which was attended by approximately 20 KONI regions from all over Indonesia, although only just talk, we explain that in West Java will mempertandingan 43 sports, “he explained.

Even so, it was aware and can already predict that the match into 43 sports will not be accepted easily the contestants PON. It was already evident from the reduction of sports discourse in PON, which will only bring into the sports of the Olympics. ” There should be an explanation, PON’s primary mission is as a tool to unite the nation, so different from the SEA Games or even the Olympics, “for short.

As reported earlier, emerging discourse of Youth and Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng who wish only sports olympic only competed in PON XIX. It is filled from the national sports achievements are increasingly dim. Ironically, in the Riau PON, although crossed sports dance and marching band, but the olympic sports like hockey and equestrian also not dipertandingan at the Games four annual national level.

According to Lili, it must have the courage to explain the mission of this PON. Because, in the Riau PON, PON PB PON is already breaking of the mission itself by reducing the number of sports to 39 sports contested. Thus, for the next PON, Jabar need support from various parties, especially the sporting man who will be present at Musornas later, so the 43 sports to be contested.

” I do not think Jabar who have the intention to restore the mission PON, other provinces will understand PON PON agree that value as unifying the nation has lost in Riau PON ago, “he said.

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KONI Jabar insistent PON 43 sports in 2016
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