KONI Jabar remind the construction of venues PON 2016Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Jabar reminded the government to quickly build the venues. Construction of the venues in preparation for the National Games held in 2016 in West Java XIX.

Chairman of KONI Jabar, Aziz Sharif asserted, KONI Jabar still thinking about the problems of preparation venues. Because it is so closely related to the success of coaching athletes to excel.

“‘For the preparation of PON XIX in 2016, Jabar has not had an adequate venues, most Cipule, Harupat Starling, and several venues that are outside the area of ​​Bandung. As for the other venues we have not punaya. Government not to underestimate the construction of venues was heralded in 2015 went wrong. The location was unclear. While the most difficult that’s where it is located and how the land acquisition, “he said.

Azis rate, land acquisition for venues yet. While the budget proposal and no new budget is budgeted in 2013. If the budget down in 2014, he said there would be enough time.

For land acquisition itself is considered difficult. The reason, of the land area to be built in a location which is certainly representative, not only owned by one person. Each person has different desires. ” The concept of mature first, find the location of the land on which will be built venues. Venues any existing or whether it was suitable to be repaired, “said Aziz.

Azis judge, should start from the current inventory of what is required, what is already Jabar have, in any place can be built. ” KONI Jabar who need the same focus of coaching can be a lot to build the venue, while Disorda which is already a duty not one to build venues for sporting achievement in West Java.

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KONI Jabar remind the construction of venues PON 2016
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