KONI Jabar support 43 sports title in PON XIX

Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Center, Suratman very supportive of West Java KONI’s determination to fight for 43 sports (sports) at the National Sports Week (PON) XIX West Java in 2016.
The support delivered Tono when first working visit in early 2013 to KONI Jabar. It supports every sport that already has a parent organization in KONI.
” We are from KONI always refer to the National Sports Week was not only sporting achievement but a unity that already exists in the parent organization KONI. So we strongly support KONI Jabar determination to bring into the 43 sports in the next PON, “he told reporters on Tuesday (8/1).
Tono claimed, the proposed sports KONI as the host province has been submitted. It has been studied in general any proposed sports and is considered to meet the requirements to be contested.
KONI arrival is the first step to prepare improvement in PON medatang, by learning from the experience of previous PON. According to Tono, his visit is the first step in the preparation of pre PON and plans a national meeting of members (Raparnas) will be held in Bandung. Which also discussed the readiness of the hosts in the first epidemic for a better certainty to hold 43 sports that will be contested.

Meanwhile, Chairman of KONI Jabar, Aziz Sharif emphatically said, related to 43 sports to be competed later, it was already very prepared. It had made a sniper programs for the success of the 43 sports.

“From the beginning we always fight for 43 sports for at pertandingkan in PON. Because it’s PON is to unite the nation through sports. for that, we are ready to roll the 43 sports, “he said.
According to Azis, it must have the courage to explain the mission of this PON. Because, in the Riau PON, PON PB PON is already breaking of the mission itself, by reducing the number of sports to 39 sports contested.
So for the next PON, Jabar need support from various parties, to support the 43 sports to be contested in the PON XIX Jabar 2016.
” I do not think Jabar who have the intention to restore the mission PON. Other provinces will understand PON PON agree that value as unifying the nation has lost in Riau PON ago, “he said.
Jabar determination will also be submitted to the Raparnas later which will be attended by 33 provinces from all sports. Steps are also a host of socialization to continue to fight sports that no parent organization in KONI.

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KONI Jabar support 43 sports title in PON XIX
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