Not wanting carelessly, Jabar 100 percent of face PON Teens

Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) in West Java is committed to being the best in the PON Adolescents in Surabaya. Moreover, this new PON Young was first held in the homeland.

Deputy General Secretary of KONI Jabar, Lili Rolina said KONI Jabar seriousness of the PON Adolescent not arbitrary in preparing it. Despite serious KONI Jabar also arrange PON XIX 2016.

” Yes ​​we can not carelessly prepare PON Young, because this title is also risking the name of the region. Now that we’re not allowed to play trial and error. We have to be ready 100 percent to face this moment, “said Lili to Sindo, Tuesday (18/12).

In preparing PON The teenager, originally planned this December will hold consultation meetings between the coach from South Korea and a local coach Jabar for the adjustment program that will be used when performing sentralisai the athletes at the beginning of next year. However, because the South Korean coaches still technically constrained, so that the plan could still be.

” South Korean coach who came there were only five people per 1 December 2012. Initially we expect to 14 South Korean coach can Adir all, but in fact in Korselnya sedanga no technical constraints. We respect and Mudah2an can be quickly resolved, “he said.

In preparing a training program for athletes later, will collaborate KONI Jabar Jabar program among coaches with South Korean coach. Lili also hope all Pengda any sports really prepare to face the Young PON. Because of the readiness, Pengda feel a responsibility to do the coaching.

But even so, for the selection of the 26 sports and 12 sports involving South Korean coach has started the selection to face the Teens PON PON XIX relation also to the West Java in 2016.

” It could be used as a reference PON Young later to see the potential athletes who could go down in PON XIX 2016.Namun today will be focused first to the PON Youth. As for PON Jabar, in addition to seeing the results in PON teens also will see the results in Porda 2014, “he said.

Lili also admitted, at the latest on December 24, 2012, Pengda of every sports already have to collect the names of athletes results of the selection will be boosted training in early 2013.

” Certainly, we seriously confront both the big moment. Each Pengda also must provide the name of the athlete on 24 December to eventually become part of the athletes who will in practice be prepared for PON genjot Adolescents, “said Lili.

As for the coach of South Korea is currently conducting exercises adjustments both technically and physically. ” God willing, if there is no change, the beginning of January we again combine the program and start doing long-term training camp, “he concluded.

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Not wanting carelessly, Jabar 100 percent of face PON Teens
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