A suggestion that the age restriction of 22 years performed in National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 leveled Indonesian Karate Federation (Forki) East Java. The reason, so that young athletes can be better developed.

Chairman of East Java Pengprov Forki totok Lucida newly elected in Musda said that if the age restrictions, national training athletes can not perform in the PON. ” I’ve talked to Secretary General PB Forki, Lumban Sianipar. He agreed national karate athletes are not allowed to compete in the PON, “he said.

According Totok, PON has not level national karate. “Their achievements have been not at the national level, but international level. PON should provide the opportunity for young athletes to show achievement. If they continue to champion PON, when his young athlete champion,” he said.

So far, more Totok, young athletes are less able to shine because Terhadang seniors. “Karate is different from other sports. If young athletes to meet national athlete, mentally fell. Although the quality is not lost,” he said.

Emergence of athletes 22 years in PON, as well as the regeneration effort. If this rule is enforced, then Totok believes Indonesia will not run out of athletes. ” If PB Forki want to be successful in the international arena, the rules applied to be absolutely right. Age restrictions athlete in PON, should not 32 years but 22 years. The reason for the sake of regeneration, “he said.

To that end, in the second period Forki leadership in East Java, Totok will be more focused in fostering athletes. Especially in improving the achievement of both national and international levels. “Want to go on so there is regeneration. Prepare athletes coatings, “said Totok Lucida.

The need for preparation of athletes coatings East Java because of the challenges the future will be more severe. “Java can not just rely on yesterday’s athletes excel to be lowered again in the upcoming events,” said the businessman this property.

Besides the athletes prepare coatings, another Java Forki Pengprov program is to increase the sparring to the karateka. Especially karateka who entered the program Puslatda KONI East Java.

” Beginning 2013, Forki Java will increase championships in East Java. And increasing the transmit karateka stage Java in national and international championships, “he said.

Lucida blooded himself re-elected as Chairman of the East Java Pengprov Forki Musprov Forki period 2013-2017 in East Java which was held at the Novotel Surabaya. In the forum which was attended by 20 officials and 30 pengcab the college board, Totok Lucida elected by acclamation.

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suggestion that the age restriction of 22 years performed in National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016
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