Surili and Cleaver iconic PON 2016West Java provincial government has finally announced the official logo and mascot of National Sports Week (PON) XIX 2016 logo and mascot is the result of a contest held since early January.

West Javanese weapon, Cleaver, defined as a logo. While the official mascot chosen surili, primates whose existence is now very rare.

Cleaver logo designed by Humrotin, students from Lamongan. While the mascot design Surili made by the citizens of Bandung, Tony Suhendra. They each get 50 million prize.

Humrotin and Tony was able to get rid of approximately 500 logos and mascots into the contest committee.

Logo and mascot contest winner was announced by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), at Gedung Sate, Bandung, West Java, Saturday (8/3).

When announced, Aher show one at a logo and a mascot to the invited guests. “This Surili primates most welcoming. If the logo chosen to Cleaver,” he said.

Logos and mascots that will further refined for today’s new two-dimensional shape. “It will be made in three dimensions. If there are two dimensions, relatively easy to elucidate three-dimensional,” he said.

Not only that, the logo and the mascot will be posted on the official merchandise PON XIX 2016. As for each of the nine logo and mascot of the top 10, Aher had a special request to the Committee of the (PB) PON.

“As a form of appreciation to the PB PON later beg the top 10 is mounted for t-shirts, pins, and others. I appreciate the top 10 and I thank you very deeply,” said Aher.

On that occasion, he asserts that the determination of the winner of the contest logo and mascot assessed objectively through various assessment requirements. “This race really objective,” he said.

Chief Executive Competition, Warli Harliana, said Cleaver was deliberately chosen as the winner because it reflects the vision and mission of West Java.

“While Surili been the rare animal and the animal turned out of West Java,” he said.

While after it was announced today, the logo and the mascot will be officially launched tonight at the Gymnasium Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI).

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Surili and Cleaver iconic PON 2016
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