Cleaver and legally protected SuriliLogo and mascot National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 shall be protected by law. The move was to keep the work of the nation of the possibility of plagiarism.

Head of Sports and Youth (Kadisorda), West Java, Yudha M Syaputra, say, the copyright of the logo and mascot of the PON will be completed by the Legal Bureau of the Government of West Java Province. ” Surely this copyright will be created and administered by the Legal Bureau of the provincial government, because it has become the property of the PB PON 2016, “tagasnya.
Yudha claims will arrange legal sanctions for those who dare to trace the mascot and logo of the PON. The logo PON XIX / 2016 in the form of a typical weapon of West Java, Cleaver. The logo is the work of a student of Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta named Humrotin. While the mascot is endemic in West Java, Surili, the work of an employee from the city of Bandung named Toni Suhendar.

Yudha added, it opens the door wide for sponsors who want to use the logo and mascot of the XIX PON for commercial purposes. As for the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or home industry in West Java that is not possible ” buy ‘right to use the logo and mascot, it will reset.

” In accordance with the Four Successful PON XIX namely economic empowerment of the community. Then we set up mechanisms for SMEs or economic community as to what the use of the logo and mascot. The most important thing is the logo and mascot should be protected from plagiarism, “he said.

Immediately PB PON chaired by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan will disseminate the logo and mascot of the XIX PON West Java in 2016 it nationally. ” We’ll do it as soon as possible. Socialization logo and mascot nationally. The initial step we have done that through the mass media, “he said.

She hopes the preparation has been done in West Java to fruition. Namely the successful implementation, successful achievements, successful people’s economy, and of course a successful administration.

” Success is also to be supported by the Java community Baart. Because this is a self-esteem ‘Land Sundanese’ to be better than the preparation and implementation of PON before, “he concluded.

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Cleaver and legally protected Surili
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