Java began nets pre PON teamProvincial Board (Pengprov) PSSI Java started doing the selection of team soccer player Pre PON 2016. Selection is done starting yesterday in the Main Stadium Kendal. Those who participate in the selection is the young players who have great talent in the event Porprov in Banyumas, 2013 last.

Pre-PON coach while Tim Java Firmandoyo said, players who will participate in the selection of about 40 people. They are the players of the district / town in Central Java who represent their respective regions in the event Porprov in Banyumas and already through talentscouting stage.

“Selection will we do until Sunday (26/1) morning completed. Whether there will be continued in Kendal or in Semarang, I do not know, “said Firmandoyo, when contacted yesterday.

Selection is done in Kendal because Jatidiri Stadium and Citarum not possible. Jatidiri Stadium was repaired lawn and illumination lamp. In Citarum, is also very dense use.

Firmandoyo said it provides an opportunity for the players to participate in the selection Porprov. Later, of the 40 players included in the selection list, the next week the number has slightly decreased. Reduction will be performed until the formation of the squad Pre PON in 2015.

“The need for our team, most no more than 20 players. Those players aged under 21 years, and we give you a chance to compete, “he said.

PSSI chairman Java Pengprov Johar Eng Lin said, every two days or three days will be a reduction in the player. So that on February 15, 2014 is expected to form the team squad of 20 players. Those who participate in the selection mostly from Semarang and surrounding areas.

“The team will be testing with the U-19 in Jatidiri Stadium on February 15. So it should have accelerated the formation, as well as facing a tough team, “he said.

According to Johar, after the match against the national team, it will conduct training center (TC) to move from one place to another. Pre-PON team formation is still quite long, because it will begin play in 2015, a year before the PON starts.

“TC will be done once a month, muter-muter. Was still enough time, because the new beginning in 2015, “he explained.

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Java began nets pre PON team
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