Java KONI effort to repatriate a number of athletes who live outside the area coming to fruition. One of them, players Efriliya Herlina would eventually return to defend Java in PON arena XIX in West Java in 2016.

The certainty of the return Efriliya delivered directly to the Chief Executive of the East Java KONI East Java, Dhimam Abror after seeing Terri born tennis player’s family. ” Efriliya has officially become our athletes. PON West Java, East Java defend him down, “he said.

Earlier, former champion in the women’s singles championship International Junior Tennis Championship Widjojo Soejono XXXII of 2013, it reportedly will strengthen PON Jabar in 2016. Therefore, Efriliya far more practiced in Bogor. Therefore, Jabar also claimed Efriliya hers.

While Efriliya had said the fate handed to his parents. Related defend PON Java or West Java in 2016. ” But now it is no certainty, that Efriliya belongs to East Java, there is agreement both oral and written, “he said.

Certainty belongs Java Efriliya strengthened with the signature of the contract in KONI East Java. In the contract signature, the tennis player Terri accompanied by parents and coaches Ardi Rifai. In the KONI East Java, there are grants Satriagung (Chairman), Dhimam Abror (Chief Executive) and General Secretary Pelti Java, Didik Personal Utomo.

Since it was listed as an athlete Java, Efriliya Herlina directly into the program Concentration Exercise Area (Puslatda) PON projections 2016. In addition, as compensation for the KONI will meet all the necessary requirements Efriliya. Including, finance all tournaments that will be followed, both nationally and internationally. ” We will afford all Efriliya needs, “he said.

Although listed as an athlete Puslatda, but KONI East Java and East Java Pelti still be given the freedom to practice in Bogor. “It does not matter he practiced there. It is important we also monitor and know the progress on a periodic basis,” he said.

Actually, the 18-year tennis player has long been a shooting Timur.Apalagi Java, quite amazing achievements in several tournaments. Last Achievements, into the women’s singles champion international tennis tournament ITF Junior Widjojo Soejono XXXII 2013 women’s singles title was achieved Efriliya in the final after beating Russian Polina Golubovskaya.

In addition to the women’s singles title, the eldest of two brothers also be the best in the women’s doubles paired with the Indian Parminder Kaur. In the final, the pair Efriliya-Parminder lead over Thailand couple Pichayatida Jandaeng-Priyachanok Sukkanha 7-6 (3) and 7-5.

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Official Efriliya strengthen Java in PON 2016
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