Java has not been decided IKASI training mechanism

Fencing Association of Indonesia (IKASI) Java has not yet decided whether to bring in a foreign coach or send athletes training abroad, in the face of pre-PON 2015 qualifier.

If it will bring in a foreign coach, has prepared two people namely the Russian fencing coach Viacheslav sleep (Degen weapons) and Ratapong Van Can of Korea (weapons foil). But it is possible also to be selected for each option to send athletes.

Chairman of the Central Java IKASI Birowo Strong said, still will be assessed in terms of effectiveness and the savings of the exercise program. To what extent is yet to be decided later whether to bring a foreign coach or send athletes abroad.

“It is not we decide. What is clear, certainty before the National Championship held PB IKASI which is scheduled in June, “said Strong Birowo, on the sidelines of a meeting with Pengcab IKASI districts / cities in the meeting room of Commission E DPRD Central Java.

According to him, there are plans of foreign coaches brought in because it is difficult to find a coach of Indonesia. Even if there will be a bone of contention in many provinces. Therefore, sport fencing is still less familiar in the community. “When looking for a soccer coach, certainly easier,” he explained.

Further members of the Commission E DPRD Central Java explained, the actual potential in Central Java fencing athletes is quite big. At the Malaysian Open in 2013 and, for the men’s team athlete Java Degen weapon able to donate a bronze medal. “Rian Pratama, Iqbal Tawakal, and Dimas Faisal Akbar, the potential team athletes. Age athletes fencing for PON maximum of 35 years, and on average they were 20-23 years old, “he explained.

PON 2012 in Pekanbaru Riau, sports fencing Java contingent failed to contribute a medal. Now, the PON 2016 in West Java, Central Java, was determined to improve the achievements that have been carved in 2008. Therefore, the 2008 Central Java had won two gold medals.

Breakthrough taken IKASI Java there are two options, that will send athletes abroad or inviting foreign coaches.
“In terms of how the cost, whichever is more efficient. This fund will be a matter to discuss with KONI first, “he said.

As a dress rehearsal for the Championship athletes and networking, Java IKASI will hold Kejurda around May. Kejurda expected to emerge through the outstanding athletes of the district / city so that they can be prepared in the Pre-PON 2015.

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Java has not been decided IKASI training mechanism
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